Well today is November 22, 2011. November 22nd, a day that will live in infamy. On this day 48 years ago we lost Our President. An event so momentous that the world is still held in thrall of whodonit. There have been all kinds of writings, books and films all surmising the “true” events of what happened that day. Stephen King has a new book out called 11/22/63 in which the premise is that someone could go back and change events that would lead to the assassination not happening. It looks very intriguing. I have written many blogs about our American Royalty-the Kennedys. The fact that they held the White House that was so called at that time -Camelot. The fact that John Kennedy was cut down in the prime of life and left behind a beautiful wife and two young children is beyond our capabilities of reason. Many people to this day still do not believe The Warren Commission. We cannot conceive of an ex-Marine who buys a gun by mail, only to use it to assassinate the leader of the free world. To me it seems whether you believe Oswald was “the lone gunman” or it was an elaborate conspiracy set up by others, probably you would not change your mind. The idea of “The magic bullet” seems impossible. Still many experts say this is the truth. If you care to investigate we have a veritable plethora of books. There are those stating that these events were, in fact, the doings of one individual and others going on about there is no way possible one man could have done this. Either way, we lost one of the most vibrant, heroic and charismatic leaders our country has ever known. John Kennedy himself wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning book called Profiles in Courage. I would encourage you to read it.

Posted by Estel.