I went to the supermarket and bought lettuce, salad dressing, and  tofu, which by the way is  great raw in salads, brocoli – But I forgot the tomato!

The tomato is an interesting veggie even though it is a fruit.

Did you know that in 1863 the Supreme Court finally ruled the tomato as a Veggie , as a fruit it couldn’t be taxed -tomato growers loved this – but the Government had its way! Tax!

In the state of Tennessee the tomato is the state fruit and vegetable.  In 1897 the Campbell soup company introduced their most famous star “Tomato Soup” ( the founder of the company was a very good friend of Thomas Jefferson who was an avid vegetable gardener). On one last note (I think) the french refer to the tomato as the “Love Apple”=”Pommes d’amour”

To end the blog on a Quote; “It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato”

Think twice while looking at that tomatoes at your supermarket or in your garden- they have quite the background.

Posted by : Margarita