I’ve always been open to different ideas and thoughts. But this is really some food for thought!

I was reading the tuesday edition of the Sacramento Bee, they have some pretty interesting articles in their Familg Living section of the paper. You know I have always lived in this area of California (Glenn,  Butte Co.) I eat pretty simple , I’m  a Vegatarian -somewhat, I eat beans, tofu, green veggies, pasta, brown rise, drink fruit juices and green tea, etc… I’m not a world traveller, or a seeker of new adventures , unless its in a local County (Glenn, Butte, Shasta)

But, there is a website: www.girlmeetsbug.com : the eco-logical alternative

Did you know that grasshoppers are high in protein. There is also a company called Hotlix that sells Scorpion lollipops and other assorted insect candy -Very Interesting! or if like me after reading this or going into the website  you want to find good meat and potatoes (641.5) or Vegetarian  cookbooks (641.563)- There here at the library

Looks interesting, but an inquired taste and a big sense of adventure and no allergic reactions to bees. (The website has a recipe for a Bee-LT Sandwich, bacon and honey and bee larvae)

Just some food for thought !

Posted by: Margarita