I don’t know , I’ve been struggling to try to figure out what to blog about . I sit here at my computer desk and I look at my environment –  My work desk is a mess! Somethings it hard to think when there is so much clutter around you and in your head.

Next week its going to be March – Spring Cleaning Time! (March 20 first day of Spring) Sometimes it hard to get motivated. Here at the Library we have some really good book on Organization/Home  cleaning in the 640. Section of the library  and if you look in the 648 section you will find books on Clutter! Yes , I’m guilty of clutter! (Sometimes it good to admit-clears the mind)

My desk is a mess –  I do have to say my house is better organized, I have personally checked out our book on organization and clutter and they have been a big help.

Sooooo, It’s time to get out those dust clothes and garbage cans  and          Good Luck!

Posted by: Margarita