Oh, come on!  I’m sure you’ve tried to eat or have sneaked in a bite while reading-

There is a list out there of the Best and the Worst:


Crackers and Cookies – Beware!  Hard to stop while reading ( may have to walk more).

Hard pretzels – Bite size (low in carbs).

Cheese plate – Good for the bones! Also easy to eat bite size – goes well with a deep read.


Burritos – a little  messy- hard to concentrate.

Sandwiches–  2 hands.

Salads – Too much work -great to eat -Have to look down to the plate.

Popcorn– Unless air popped- can be greasy.

This is probably not the best time to snack- But remember keep it clean- If you must snack- Respect your book-

Posted by: Margarita