Have you walked into a Library and you don’t know where to go to find a particular subject – Librarians are busy (or you just don’t want to bug them- but that’s why we’re  here to help you have a wonderful day- discovering new knowledge and how much that yard sale  find was worth ) or you cant find the Online Catalog (which really scares you , and you have put on your blinders and you don’t see it  – It’s easy – we library folks will help you)

Well, if you go walking down the bookcase aisle you will find that some of the books have numbers on their spines- that is their Dewey number: created by Melvil Dewey to make life easier when trying to find a book

Classification goes by the following:

000    Computers and General reference

100     Philosophy & psychology

200     Religion

300     Social Sciences-Law

400     Language-Math

500     Science

600     Technology- Medical, exercise, electrial, gardening, cooking,  remodeling, beauty, resume, woodworking to plumbing –  Wow!  This is a big area

700     Arts & Recreation

800     Literature

900      History to Geography

A stroll into the library is an adventure – it really is! -You should try it !

Posted by: Margarita